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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Silk Bouquets

A good alternative are silk floral bouquets for weddings because they are more cost-effective. Although not every bride will go for silk bouquets, these flowers can be your best solution for a tight wedding budget. Most of the time, the budget for wedding flowers take up at least 15% of the overall costs.

Wedding silk bouquets are also ideal for brides who are allergic. It is a good way to avoid getting sick or feeling a little giddy during your special day if you’ll use silk flowers instead of real ones. And of course, there’s no reason to not enjoy your wedding day, so it is best to avoid the possibilities of getting allergies from your bouquet. (Check here to see samples of silk bouquets for weddings.)

Another good reason to use silk flowers is their reusability. You can give them away to your guests, family, and friends after the wedding since those are already paid for. Some brides take home not just their bouquets but also some of the tall wedding centerpieces because they can be used at home are decor.

A great idea for giving these flowers away is to have boxes or wax paper wrapper ready for each intended person or guest. You can have your wedding organizer prepare the flowers and the boxes or wrappers beforehand. So, instead of giving away wedding favours, you can give them the flowers on the tables and whatever has been used in the venue.

In this day and age of recycling and environmental awareness, this is the right thing to do instead of just throwing your wedding flowers away. It might be possible to donate your silk flowers to charity or recycle them at home to beautify the nooks and bare corners. You can also frame and mount them on the wall for a different effect.

Real flowers dry up and die after several days, even if you put them in a vase with water and flower food. No matter what you do, cut flowers will wither and die, unless they can be cultivated after exposure to various elements.

By using silk flowers for your wedding bouquet and others, you will be able to save a few bucks along the way. You can use this extra cash for other wedding expenses or save them for your future home.

Sparklers For Weddings

Sparklers versus birthday candles – When it comes to birthday cake sparklers, these are generally far more interesting and exciting compared to the old traditional candles. These are perfect to be used indoors and they also tend to last approximately 30 seconds without any ash and smoke.

Champagne topper- People who are serving champagne for celebration of anniversary, New Year or graduation can certainly make it special by putting a bottle of sparkler on the top. As mentioned, it is certainly safe for indoors, fun, little smoke, little to no ash and more. It is basically same thing as birthday cake sparkler, but it can be attached to the neck of the bottle.

Sparklers bomb – It is capable of bringing a great excitement a notch or two by adding several sparklers to your celebrations. Moreover, it can also make happy to both kids and adults and certainly great photos and quite appropriate for a little mischief. Safety is, however, something that you should always keep in your mind and if you are habitual of using indoor sparklers you need to ensure that they are of course indoor sparklers.

Wedding sparklers – Okay, you may have definitely heard about it. But, it is certainly not common to see sparklers for weddings at several wedding receptions. They are generally growing in wedding popularity and also used as a great alternative to birdseed, rice and bubbles.

Classic Wedding Highlights

Popular wedding customs include:

– Specific ceremony music such as Canon in D, Here Comes the Bride, Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring and Trumpet Voluntary. If you are planning on having music during your ceremony, and you are planning on a classic wedding, ask your organist if he or she can play the above songs.

– A receiving line at the church. This is customarily made up of the wedding party as well as close relatives.

– Throwing of rice as a symbol of good luck. Nowadays, many churches have banned rice throwing. Instead, bird seed is showered upon many a happy couple.
– Reception introductions. This is your opportunity to introduce yourself to your loved ones as ‘man and wife.’

– Special dances. Found at receptions in Michigan weddings and those in any other state, the mother/son dance, father/daughter dance, and, of course, the bride/groom dance are pretty much a wedding staple.

– Cake cutting. To say that smashing cake in your beloved’s face is a tradition is likely going a bit too far. However, many a new bride or groom decides to take this moment to assert their power in the relationship. Beware – you may be hearing about this moment for years to come, especially if you get cake or frosting on your beloved’s dress or coat. When in doubt, be nice!

– The bouquet and garter tosses are a way for the single folk at your wedding to identify each other. Although typically done later in the ceremony, moving this event up in the reception schedule will help these people identify each other much earlier.

All about Military Weddings

-Evening dress uniform (blue in winter, white in summer) is worn for an ultra-formal, wedding comparable to a white-tie affair.

-Dinner or “mess dress” uniform is appropriate at a formal or semiformal event, comparable to black-tie.

-Dress blues or whites are worn for less formal weddings; they are equivalent to a nice suit.

-Non-commissioned officers and other enlisted ranks may wear dress blues or Army green uniforms at a formal or informal wedding.

-Any nonmilitary wedding-party members simply wear traditional wedding clothes of the same level of formality as those in uniform.

A boutonniere is never worn with a uniform. The only uniform decorations should be authorized awards and medals.

Your guests are sure to be awed by the elegant ceremony of the “arch of sabers” or “arch of steel” that the bride and groom pass through to exit the chapel. This passage is meant to ensure the couple’s safe transition into their new life together.

Military chaplains are paid by the service they represent. You need not to pay them a fee but it is customary to make a donation of $50 to $60 to the chapel to show your appreciation.

Suggestions for the reception:

Play some regimental music, including the anthem of the bride’s and/or groom’s branch of service.

Decorations could include American flags and the standards of your unit in addition to flowers.

Red White and Blue make classic military themed wedding favors. You can also purchase chocolates foil-wrapped in a flag theme.