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Amazing Castle Weddings

-Let the ambience dazzle. This isn’t the place to break with theme. Go completely romantic with every aspect of your wedding. Research a time period if you wish and match your décor to it. For instance, you could select the English Tudor dynasty and adorn your aisle and reception hall with Tudor roses. You’ll have transported your guests back to a prosperous time in England. Just make sure you’re ready for the innuendos as guests good-naturedly remind you of Henry VIII’s many marriages.

-Completely give yourself over to the castle theme or just use it as a backdrop. Just as some brides choose the cathedral length veil even though they get married on the beach, you can do whatever you like. After all, it’s your day. However, what better time is there to channel your inner Guinevere? Remember that you’re the planner here. Perhaps the middle ground is more your style. You can choose to have favors and decorations of a medieval nature, but the dress for the wedding is kept modern. It’s up to you!

-Close your eyes and imagine getting married inside a castle. What does the room look like? How are you and your fiancée dressed? Is the cake a replica of the castle or a traditional tiered confection?

At the end of the day, even the most simple castle weddings have the same conclusion: The bride and the groom walk away married. With this in mind, plan for your wedding but don’t let the details ruin your engagement experience. If you know in your heart that you would marry your beloved even if you had to do so in a garage, you will be happy with whatever course the day of your wedding takes. With that said, take a deep breath. A castle wedding is a magnificent wedding. Enjoy your day!